Vermouth with all the Men in Black members

Vermouth is a member of the Men in Black, a master of disguise. Her original objective was to capture Sherry, but Conan made her give up on this mission after a very dangerous bet.

Chris VineyardEdit

Chris Vineyard is Vermouth's real name. She set fire to Jodie Starling 's house when she was little. Jodie Starling got revenge soon in Volume 41 when she took Anita as bait to lure Vermouth; there they had a battle. Luckily, Shuichi Akai came and shot her in the stomach, but she was wearing bullet proof armour. She soon escaped and made a bet with Conan which she lost.

Sharon VineyardEdit

Sharon Vineyard was the alleged 'mother' of Vermouth, also a master of desquise. In Volume 41, Jodie Starling revealed that the person that set fire to her house when she was little was Sharon . She said, "How come you never get old? You and Sharon are the same person!" In other chapters, there were images of her mother's funeral. She had a mysterious smile that confused everyone. She said "A secret makes a woman woman..."


Sharon Vineyard