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Men In BlackEdit

Sherry used to be a scientist working for the Men In Black . Since they shot her sister, who used to work for the Men In Black aswell, she said she will not work anymore. Gin and Vodka handcuffed her to a wall in a cellar because of her attitude and threatened to shoot her the next morning. She had no choice but to eat the APTX4869 drug she made thinking that it is the same as being shot the next morning. Luckily, instead of dying, she turned small and her hand wriggled out of the handcuff. She soon ran to Doc Agasa 's House.


APTX4869 is a drug Sherry Developed while working for the Men In Black . Gin still thinks that this drug doesn't make people small but kills people. Jimmy suffered the same effect of being shrunk by the drug.


Anita Hailey is a fake identity that Sherry and Doc Agasa made up together when she shrunk. Throughout the story, she only used an antidote of the drug APTX4869 once and she drank Baigar another time, both making her change back into normal form.

Junior Detective LeagueEdit

Sherry, now Anita , is a member of the Junior Detective League . Together with George, Conan , Amy and Mitch, they search for 'treasure' and 'solve' cases everywhere.

Akemi MiyanoEdit

Akemi Miyano is Sherry's sister and was a part of the Men In Black . Her first appearence was in chapter 13 (dressed up as a girl who lost her father) and chapter 16. Afterwards, Gin shot her. Sherry quit her job as a scientist because of this.
Akemi Miyano

Akemi Miyano

People That Know Her Real IdentityEdit

  • Vermouth
  • Jodie Starling
  • Pisco
  • Doc Agasa
  • Conan
  • Shuichi Akai


  • Anita is always so mysterious
  • She always thinks Rachel is her sister