This page is going to explain who Inspector Joseph Meguire is and what he does.

Inspector Joseph Meguire


Inspector Joseph Meguire is a character who come in the story alot. His first appearence was along with Jimmy in chapter 1. Sometimes, when he is buzy, other police officers come instead of him (for example, Misao Yamamura , only in Gunma) , but he comes most of the time. His job is to act like an inspector of a case and order men to search. He is a huge fan of Jimmy 's and now that Mr Moore is better, he is a fan of him too. He is often shamed by Serena , put to sleep by Conan , for his tremendous misuderstandings. His superior is Kiyonaga McLaughlin .


Inpector Meguire wears his hat to cover a scar on his head so he either doesn't have to explain bad memories or explain how he got his wife.