Jimmy Kudo (Back) standing with Conan Edogawa


Jimmy Kudo, or Kudou Shinichi, A young 17 year old high school detective is famous around his area. He is commonly known as the detective of the East while his rival-friend detective,Harley Hartwell is commonly known as the detective of the west. One day, he took his childhood friend and secret love interest, Rachel Moore, to the theme park, Tropical Park. There, he encounters two mysterious men in black trading with another. Suddenly, a man in black named Gin whacked him on the head and fed him a newly developed drug APTX4869. Then, Jimmy suddenly felt his body begin to burn. After he woke up, Jimmy found himself in a completely different body! A body of a child in first grade! Now, No one will listen to him due to him being a child. Luckily, Rachel found him at offered him a spot (not knowing he was Jimmy) at her house. Jimmy continues to solve cases secretly through the sleeping Moore acts but also keeps a eye out for the men in black.


Vivian Kudo

Vivian Kudo is a famous American actress and is also the wife of the famous author Booker Kudo. Yet, we do not know her real last name in the manga. It is said a long time ago, she charmed any man with her beauty. She is the mother of Jimmy Kudo.
Vivian Kudo

Vivian Kudo Standing With Her Hands Together

Booker Kudo

Booker Kudo is a famous author. He is married to the amazing actress Vivian Kudo. It is said that he used to be a detective and chase Kaito kid's dad a long time ago. He is the father of Jimmy Kudo.
Booker Kudo

Booker Kudo revealing his mask

Doc Agasa

Doctor Agasa is a long time family friend of the Kudo family, and lives next door to Jimmy's family home. He is considered by Jimmy to be his Surrogate father, due to his real fathers long term absence as his father, Booker, lives in the United States. 

Rachel Moore

Rachel and Jimmy has a very close relation ship but it is hard to tell the truth what they think about each other,

Doc Agasa

Doc Agasa standing in wonder.


Conan Edogawa is a fake identity Jimmy made up when the men in black shrunk him. He is the actual main character despite him being the same person as Jimmy Kudo. Conan stays at Rachel's house with an excuse of his parents leaving him alone here in Japan. But his actual parents, Vivian and Booker come dressed as Men In Black! In the end, Conan decided to stay at Rachel's house instead of going overseas with his parents.