This artical is going to explain to you who is Gin and what he does.

Men In BlackEdit

Gin is the 'Leader' of the Men In Black but not the Boss. It was proven correct in Volume 41 when Vermouth sent a text message to their Boss and then calling Gin and not calling him 'Boss'.


Shrinking JimmyEdit

Gin hitting Jimmy

Gin hitting Jimmy on the head with a bat.

A 17 year old teenage kid, Jimmy (Shinichi) Kudo took his childhood friend to a theme park called Tropical Island. There, he solves a murder mystery on a roller coaster. As soon as he solved the mystery, he saw the suspicious men in black from the case and decided to follow them. There, they were trading with the president money. Jimmy (Shinichi) decided to capture this scene with his camera. Unfortunately, he got found and was hit on the head with a bat by a man whose code name was Gin.

Who He HatesEdit


You hardly ever see Gin's other eye