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• 10/17/2016

Superman vs Black Organization

Superman (Brandon Routh) from Superman Returns (2006)



Black Organization


So, How Would Superman Deal with Black Organization?

Let's See Together, Everybody.

1-Superman vs Gin: Gin is a high-ranking "executive agent", often giving the other members their orders and supervising group missions. He works in the "general oversight division" along with Vodka who is his secretary. Despite his high ranking leadership position, he often takes to the field to participate in missions, complete business transactions, and assassinate people. When on missions, he is typically the one giving orders, even to agents who are equally ranked, like Vermouth. Gin seems to be able to communicate freely with The Boss of the Black Organization.

2-Superman vs Vodka: Vodka is a member of the Black Organization who is often seen by Gin's side. His official position is Gin's secretary, so he handles most of the research and information for the duo, such as setting up meetings (309-311), and relaying information to other members (54, 345). Vodka is often seen using some transport.

3-Superman vs Vermouth: Vermouth is the boss’s favorite which grants her some independence. Vermouth also has some particular connection to the boss that she does not want known by the greater organization.

4-Superman vs Tequila: Tequila was heard speaking in a Kansai dialect (New York accent in the Funimation dub) by Conan. He is described by Conan as being very tall. Nothing much is known about him as he dies a few pages after he is introduced into the manga. Two years ago before Conan's encounter with Gin and Vodka, Tequila was negotiating with a famous computer system programmer Suguru Itakura and asked him if he could develop some software program that would be useful for the syndicate. Itakura described him in diary as someone who he won't meet ever again in his life. Ryusuke Soma, a game company executive described him as a suspicious large tall man with a big mustache.

5-Superman vs Chianti and Korn: Chianti is a Black Organization sniper. She is skilled with rifles, and Haibara explains that she and Korn are excellent snipers. However she is not quite a match for FBI agent Shuichi Akai: he is indeed able to fire precisely even at 700 yards, whereas her maximal fire range is 600 yards. Her partner is Korn, and the two are often seen together on missions, just as Gin and Vodka are usually seen together. It is implied that she had some sort of relationship with the deceased member, Calvados, whose death she blames Vermouth for. and Korn is Chianti's partner, and also a skilled assassin. He wears thick glasses and a hat.

6-Superman vs Pisco: Not much is known about this elderly and high ranking member of the organization, though we do know that he is very rich and finances the Black Organization's operations. He was a car company chairman. He was tasked with and succeeded in murdering the politician Shigehiko Nomiguchi and making it look like an accident by shooting a chandelier in the dark and crushing him. Despite Vermouth's help, Conan uncovered him as the murderer. His house was burnt down after he was killed by Gin.

7-Superman vs Calvados: One of many snipers hired for the Black Organization. Appeared to have had an infatuation with Vermouth, which Vermouth had used to her advantage. Also appeared to have had some sort of connection with other snipers such as Chianti and Korn. His favorite weapon was said to have been his shotgun.

8-Superman vs Rum: Rum appears to have high rank in the organization and is very close to the Boss. Later on, Ai Haibara remarks that Rum is second only to the Boss of the Black Organization, suggesting that he is their second-in-command. Rum's identity and mission are currently unknown.

9-Superman vs Anokata, The Boss of The Black Organization: The boss appears to be fairly ruthless, willing to dispatch senior agents who have been loyal to the Black Organization for many years for a single mistake. The boss is also described as overly cautious by Vermouth. Somehow, the boss can maintain loyalty and unity within the codenamed ranks despite many agents disliking or even outright wishing to murder certain others. The boss is known to give permission to agents who wish to pursue certain missions, such as Bourbon and Vermouth's plan to make sure Akai was truly dead. The boss appears to be especially close to Vermouth who is described as "that person's favorite", much to the chagrin of her enemies and those who mistrust her. The boss is also close to Gin, who often acts as an intermediary between the boss and other agents. Gin usually takes the lead planning role in assassinations that the boss has ordered. While the boss is likely highly intelligent, the boss has had several clear failures so far. Shuichi Akai (FBI), Rei Furuya and Scotch (Public Security Bureau), and Hidemi Hondou (CIA) were all given codenames by the boss despite being spies, and Akai successfully fooled the boss into thinking he was killed. While most agents follow the boss's orders, some agents have acted contrary to the wishes of "that person". A plan that was intended to create an "acceptable reason" to eliminate Akemi Miyano backfired badly when Akemi's ability was underestimated. As a consequence, the lead researcher for the APTX 4869 project, Shiho Miyano, ultimately defected and escaped. The boss has also unintentionally allowed Vermouth to undermine the Organization by protecting someone she thinks is especially dangerous: Conan Edogawa.

Superman's Weakness are: 


2-Red Sun Radiation. 


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Superman Beats All of Them!

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